Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Heyes and Evangeline ~ Keeperships

Gina is the keeper of  ~   The oak tree 
                                ~   The cave                      
                                ~  Heyes calling Evie "sweetheart"
                                ~  Heyes comforts Evie during her
                                      monthly curse
                                ~  Kid's off color humor towards Heyes
                                      before he rides out with Evie for a
                                ~  Sally calls Heyes "Dimples"  

Peyton is the keeper of  ~  Olivia Vanderbilt
                                   ~   Rusty
                                   ~   Odin
                                   ~   Kid's pillow
                                   ~   Kid's next meal
                                   ~   Kid pins Livvy against the bunkhouse
                                          door to kiss her
                                   ~   Kid saves Heyes with the ladder

Clarissa is the keeper of ~ Heyes and Evie's first sweet kiss
                                   ~ Georgia Moon
                                   ~ Evie's lavender binding cord

Karen is the keeper of ~  Evie's "Moonlight Sonata"
                                 ~ Miss Savannah from Savannah
                                 ~ Heyes' whiskey voice
                                 ~ Heyes' scandalous good looks
                                 ~ Kid's pep talk to Jenny the mule
                                 ~ Heyes cries in Evie's arms

Sharon is the keeper of   ~  Heyes' chocolate colored eyes

Glenda is the keeper of  ~  Heyes and Evie riding double
                                    ~  Evie describing Heyes' body as
                                          he sleeps